Re: Learning to write Plugins

What that line actually does is put the icon and a pointer to the relevant record; if you click on it, it will open the relevant record in the property box. There isn’t a way to just have the icon that I know of, and I’m not sure you’d want it without being able to see which record it linked to?


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I have a follow up question on the 'function createResultSet' sample code:

the line : tblResults.indi:set(pInd:Clone()) puts an icon and a name in the 'indi' column
I can 'hide' the name in the column by setting its width to 2 (but in the report you can drag the col width wider to show the name)
I would like to have just the icon in the 'indi' column, without the name, but can't work out how to do it


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