Re: Lost To Do function

Mike Tate

Thank you for that appraisal, which puts a new perspective on the situation.

I must apologise for assuming that everything was working on the old PC.

The earliest installations of FH v7.0 did have a habit of not retaining all the custom settings.

That is where the Backup & Restore FH Settings plugin would have been useful to recover any lost settings.

Bear that in mind for any future upgrades to FH.


As you say, if nothing worked on the old PC then that translates to nothing working on the new PC.

Given that you are not keeping the old PC we may as well abandon synchronising with it and just focus on the new PC.


Follow the FHUG Knowledge Base advice for ‘To Do Lists’ and the ‘To-Do List Attribute’ as you did originally:


Download and install the Fact Set, Property Box Tab, Report, and Query as required.

I am 99.9% certain they will all work with FH v7.0.

You can customise the Records Window columns as explained in the ‘To-Do List Attribute’ advice.


Once all is working again and you are comfortable that the Gray Tree project is fully functional and up to date then you can delete the Gray Tree (2) project.

i.e. In the File > Project Window use More Tasks… > Delete Project.


I hope that resolves all the issues.


Mike Tate

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