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Recap: Old PC Upgraded to FH V7 about 1st quarter this year from FH V6. I did next to no work on FH  until a few weeks ago. I had a new PC and transferred FH V7 to it with no apparent issues. I had input data for about 21 individuals when I realized the To Do Tab in the Property Box was missing.

The property fact is still in the list of other facts but no longer at the top of the list. It is sometimes in the middle or bottom of the list. Clicking on it the text is still there i.e. Birth: to be found Death: to confirm. So it appears no data has been lost.

Column headers had been created for the Records window so that each of the To Do items Birth: Marriage: Death: could be seen against each individual for whom an entry had ben done. Those column headers were no longer there nor available to configure to the Records window. There is however a To Do column header that could be added to the records window. I did add it but there is nothing to show under it so have removed it from the record window.

The To Do List and To Do Task reports are also missing from the Publish>Custom Reports it says Empty.

I thought that I had probably done something wrong using the Backup & Restore FH Settings Plugin so then asked for advice on whether I could re-run on the old PC and run the restore on the new PC.


To answer your questions.

I am focusing on Just the Backup & Restore FH Settings plugin. (Probably no longer a factor see below)

The new PC is the one with the duplicate Gray Tree folder.

Running the Restore from the plugin when the FH Backup folder was in D: USB Drive gave Error Backup folder has no Family Historian version backup data saved. The Backup folder in the plugin was shown as C:\Users\Tom Gray\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Gray Tree\Public. On checking that folder on the New PC it was empty and the FH Backup folder was moved to that location after which the Restore on the plugin ran and completed. I then ran the File Project Backup (to capture the individuals I had added in to the new PC) as we discussed earlier that it would be OK to do so. I then checked to see if the To Do fact, Report and Tab had been reinstated but they had not. Things were just as they were before.

I then checked the C:\Users\Tom Gray\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Gray Tree\Public and saw that there was a duplicate Gray tree (2).


Which PC are you talking about regarding the Gray Tree (2) folder? The New One


Does The Gray tree (2) appear as a Project in the File>Projects window. Yes. Maybe because I ran the Project backup after the Plugin one. As requested I have not deleted the duplicate until you advise whether I should.


What I mean by “Funtion”.

My terminology is perhaps not as technically suitable or accurate as it could be.

So to me the “function” of the To Do Fact, report and Tab and the Column configuration on the records window was to provide me with a B,M,D column on the Records window so that I could see what I needed to do for each individual I had entered a To Do against (a B, M, or D). I could also run the reports and print if required.


Were the To Do fact and To Do reports working on the old PC.

Yes under FH V6.2. I upgraded to FH V7 on the old PC but as mentioned did practically no work on FH and only when I started on the new PC after transferring FH V7 from the old one has the issue come to light.

I have gone back to the old one and they are not working on it either. So what I have on the new PC is what was transferred from the old PC. My thoughts that I had done something wrong when using the Plugin were incorrect and there would have been no Customized settings on the old PC for it to backup & restore.


This suggests to me that the upgrade from FH V6.2 to FH V7 may have something to do with it and as you have pointed out, under the Notes on upgrading to V7 is states that previously property box customization will appear to have disappeared but in fact are temporarily suspended and can be restored.


I have followed the advice on restoring the customizations. Property Box>Menu>Customize Property Box which opens the Customize Property Box Window. Now I will readily admit that I do not know which Record Type I would need to restore. What I decided to do was go through the process for all of them, take a note and then ask your advice as to which was the one I needed to restore. So I unticked the Show most commonly used items only so that I would see them all. I checked each Record Type and each Available item within them but there are no old versions found available to restore.


I hope this clarifies things and will do nothing until I hear from you.



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Let us recap for a moment. There are several questions below, so please answer them all.

Are you focussing on just the ‘Backup and Restore FH Settings’ plugin or migrating Project Backups too?


Which PC are you talking about regarding the Gray Tree (2) folder?

As I said earlier, using the FH command File > Backup/Restore > Restore on a Project ‘Gray Tree’ Backup ZIP file will do that.

However, that is nothing to do with the ‘Backup and Restore FH Settings’ plugin.

Does that ‘Gray Tree (2)’ appear as a Project in the File > Projects Window?

Don’t delete anything until I say so.


What exactly do you mean by the To Do function? There is a fact, a report and a tab, but not a function.


Upgrading from FH v6.2 to FH v7.0 will not change the To Do features in any way except for the Property Box tab named To Do.

It certainly will not make use of the new Research Notes.


I am not clear now whether the To Do fact and To Do reports were working correctly on the old PC. Please confirm?

If they don’t work there then they will not migrate to the new PC.


If the Property Box tab named To Do is missing from the old PC then it needs to be reinstated.

See the FH Help > Family Historian Help > Notes on Upgrading to Version 7:

That has ‘Important Notes on Restoring Property Box Customizations’ that you must follow to get the To Do tab back.

Please let me know if that works


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