Re: Lost To Do function

Tom Gray


When selecting the drive the plugin says Error Backup folder has no Family Historian version backup data saved.

The backup folder shown in the plugin is

C:\Users\Tom Gray\Documents\Family Historian Projects\Gray Tree\Public

When going to that folder it is empty. Should I move the Fam Historian folder to there?

The Settings path C:\ProgramData|Calico Pie




From: <> On Behalf Of Mike Tate
Sent: 01 November 2021 14:24
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Lost To Do function


The parent folder is the one above the Family Historian folder.

The folders you mention within it are what I expect, but they are child folders.

The plugin will not let you choose the Family Historian folder.


When you ran the plugin to create that backup, each screen identified a Backup Folder, which was probably your default Backup folder for Project backups.

The Family Historian folder was created within that Backup Folder and that backup folder is, therefore, the parent folder.

If there is no parent folder on the USB stick, then I think just selecting the drive will work.

Otherwise, you will have to copy the USB stick to a folder on the new PC and choose that as the parent Backup Folder.



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