Re: Lost To Do functiom

Paul Sillitoe

I've renamed mine the "Lots to Do" function...

but not so smart as to usefully auto-correct the typos from my large fingers 🙂

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From: "Tom Gray via" <tmwgray@...>
Date: 31/10/2021 15:25 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: [family-historian] Lost To Do functiom

I have just transferred FH v7.0.8.2 to a new PC using the FHUG guide and all seems to have gone OK.

I also used the Backuo & Restore FH custom setting Plugin. 

With the help of Mike Tate some years ago I had set up and used To Do lists which allowed me to create tasks mainly for B,M,D and census. It also created a Tab in the Facts along side the Notes and Media tabs for ease of input. The To Do facts I created for an individual always appeared at the top of the list of Facts. I could then run reports for each individual event or a complete list.

The To Do list was the only customized setting I had.

I’m not sure where I have gone wrong but the To Do Tab is no longer there nor the two reports which were under Publish>Custom Reports. The To Do still appears as a Fact type (Hidden).

Under the list of facts for an individual the To Do information is still shown although not at the top. I can still add a To Do fact detail to an individual but it no longer appears at the top of the list and as I cannot run the reports is not of any value.

If I were to open up the old PC, do a backup of the custom setting plugin to a USB drive, transfer it to the new PC plugin (Tools>Plugin) section and run it, would that restore it on the new PC? Or would it make matters worse?

Appreciate any advice


Tom G

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