Re: PDF documents as Media

Jane Taubman

There are a couple of options depending on how you want to use them.  You could simply attach the PDFs if you don't want to include the images in reports (just launch the PDF using the green play icon when you want to look at them, or you can use something like PDF2JPG to do a quick convert of all pages to jpegs or other formats and then drag all the pages into the media a Source for each letter, you can then create the transcript text in the source and use the source to include quotes etc into the individuals facts as needed.

On Mon, 27 Apr 2020 at 18:36, Randy Dykhuis <randy@...> wrote:
It looks like FH does not support multipage TIFF files, which means that I must have a separate image file for each page. Is this correct?  For example, I would like to add some letters that my grandmother wrote to her sister. They were scanned as PDF files and are multiple pages. Using Adobe and Irfanview I can create multipage TIFF files for each of these PDF files, but if I look at them in FH, I see only the first page and have not discovered a way to go to subsequent pages. Should I proceed by converting each PDF to multiple image files and linking each page from the PDF as an image to the correct person(s) in FH?


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