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Sorry for the delay in replying, Mike.

Thank you for this information, helpful as always.

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I forgot to say that the default Project and Backup folder need changing too.


Use File > Project Window, select the default Project, then use More Tasks… > Set as Default Project.

That Project should then have a green tick against it in the Project Window.


Use Tools > Preferences > Backup and set the Default Backup Folder to the new location.


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Yes, it is easy to move the Project data and backups to another drive.


Actually, in this situation, it would be better to move the entire Documents folder to another drive.

Google search for “How do I change the location of My Documents in Windows 10” and follow the advice.


That will move the Family Historian Projects folder and the backups to that new location.


In FH open the File > Project Window and choose More Tasks… > Project List > Choose Location for Projects…

In the Browse For Folder dialogue select the Family Historian Projects folder in its new location.


Mike Tate


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