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Mike Tate

C:\Users\aajr4\... path has absolutely nothing to do with either path involving the Reports folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Family Historian\Reports\

C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Reports\


I suspect you did not actually delete anything but simply replaced C: with G: or H: in the path selector at the top.


Changed C:\users\aajr4\Documents to G:\users\aajr4\Documents


It is not surprising that did not work, as there would not be a G:\users\aajr4\Documents path on the G: drive.


You need to select the G: or H: drive and its folders using the left-hand pane in the Enter Backup Filename selection dialogue.


To permanently use a G: or H: drive backup folder then in FH use Tools > Preferences > Backup and Select a Default Backup Folder there.


Beware that backups of Projects only backup Project details.

They do not backup customisations of Diagrams, Reports, Queries, Fact Sets, etc.

That requires a plugin called Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings from the Plugin Store.


See the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Backup and Recovery’ advice:


Mike Tate


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