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Dear Members,


I have been using Family Historian version 6 from January 2016, and then version 7 from February 2021, and was very happy producing reports and charts without any problems until last week, when I was unable to access any reports from the “Publish” button on the application toolbar.


When I click on any report from the menu, I get a small square box on the screen which has inside it a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark, and the words “Report Not Found”. This applies to:

  • Individual Summary Report
  • Family Group Sheet
  • Media Report


When I click on the following I get a box next to the arrow showing  “<empty>”

  • Narrative Reports
  • Outline Reports
  • Record Detail Reports
  • Special Data Reports
  • All Miscellaneous Reports
  • Customs Reports


I have no problems with producing charts, just the reports.


Although I have been using FH for over 5 years, I am no expert, and this problems has really baffled me, as it happened out of the blue.


I shall be most grateful for any helpful instructions/advice from forum members as how best to rectify this problem, and get my Report Publishing facility back working again.


With thanks in advance

Adrian Ratnayake




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