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Neil Grantham

Thank you Lorna,

That's just what I needed.

Best Wishes


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Select the standard query called 'Descendants' then click the cog icon in the query toolbar and choose 'Save as Custom Query'. You can now edit this custom query. On the Rows tab click 'Inc spouses of relatives' in the bottom right corner.


On 17/10/2021 20:38, Neil Grantham via wrote:
I want to export my Great x2 Grandfather and his descendants + spouses to GEDCom to send to a relative.
I can see how to select the individual and his descendants via query, but not how to include the spouses.

I'm probably missing something obvious.
Thanks for any advice

Neil Grantham
Using FH 7 & AS 7
Researching Grantham, Skuce, Barrow, Birchall.

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