Re: adding ancestors from one project(file) to another

Victor Markham

Personally I would simply merge them both. Who knows some of the names may be connected to both trees. There is nothing to lose by doing so

I have done myself and did find one or two names linked


On 15/10/2021 10:41 am, Mike Tate wrote:

Hi Richard,

I think you are asking how to merge part of your friend’s tree into your tree.


You first need to create a Project or a GEDCOM extracted from your friend’s tree that contains the direct line you want to transfer.


  1. Use File > Project  Window > More Tasks > Copy Project to make a copy of her project.
    Then use File > Split Tree Helper on the copy to prune it down to the records you want to transfer.


  1. Use File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File and <<Select the Individuals you want to transfer.


In both cases, there is a technique for selecting Individuals from a tree Diagram and using that list to choose what to transfer.;

See FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Create an export GEDCOM based on a diagram’

In your case, you might only select the direct line ancestor boxes in the Diagram.

The resulting Name List can be applied to either the Split Tree Helper or Export > GEDCOM File method.


After creating the pruned Project/GEDCOM, use the File > Merge/Compare File command to import those records to your tree.


There is advice in the FHUG Knowledge Base on the Split Tree Helper, Export > GEDCOM File, and Merge/Compare File commands.


Mike Tate


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