Re: Calculate Birth date from age at death

Bill Heaney

I was interested to read this as "48 years 2 months 28 days" notations are common on USA registrations but not so much in UK. I am researching for a program to commit to and doing my research so shocked Family Historian does not have such a built in calculator, shocked as it appears to be one of the more professional packages and I have seen built in calculators in cheaper software which accept End Date as "48y, 2m, 28d" and calculate the start date and I have used this a lot.

I would say this is a common user need, especially for USA records, so is it on the development list for Family Historian or how do I find out.

Software wise I just want to carefully choose a package that is speedy to use and help me rather than needing a lot of asides and time consuming workarounds.

Thank you in advance

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