Re: Family HistorianV7 Hints

Adrian Bruce

On Thu, Oct 7, 2021, 03:37 Colin_McCullough <madmac@...> wrote:
.... in Family Historian hints is there a way Find my past can suggest a newspaper tip as well as BDM entries ????

Interesting in a couple of ways. Unless I'm missing something, there's nothing in the current FMP hinting mechanism to make it look for newspaper hints, and the scope of that hinting mechanism is entirely down to FMP. 

The interesting bits start when you realize that even the native FMP search mechanism splits newspapers off from the standard person search. This suggests that it's a very different beast. 

When you look at a typical FMP newspaper search, unless you use a really rare name, you get (or at least, I do) a deluge of data. That would suggest to me that newspaper hints in FH would be a similar deluge and you would be there forever trying to dismiss the hints. Also the only way to check the hints would be to get into the basic FMP GUI, which is what you were trying to avoid. 

So, because of the nature of the search, I suspect it's wholly impractical to produce newspaper hints in FH. Perhaps sadly. 


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