Re: Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin

Mike Tate

Christer & Teresa,

I have produced the two Plugins that I promised.

They are attached to FHUG Forum posting ‘Plugins to manage Place Text and Standardized’ as it is preferred that they are not attached to these Emails.

Please give them a try, perhaps on a copy of your Project.

However, you can also use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates or File > Backup/Restore > Revert to Snapshot to reverse any changes


Copy Chosen Place Names to Standardized v0.1

This allows you to select any Place records before running the plugin or it will prompt for Place records after it is run.

It copies the Place name Text field to the Standardized field as long as Standardized is not already in use.

If necessary you must delete any used Standardized field values beforehand via a Query.


Search and Replace v3.4.1

The Extra Filters tab, for Record Names/Titles lower right, allows Place Name (_PLAC.TEXT) and Standardized (_PLAC.STAN) to be selected separately.

Set the Major Options tab, Search Scope to Place Records (_PLAC) and Select Records subset as required.

You then have three Extra Filters tab options to filter changes:

1) Place Name only; 2) Standardized only; 3) All the Record types (which enables both);

That 3rd option only enables the Place Name and Standardized fields because the Search Scope is only Place Records.


Mike Tate


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