Re: Unmarried Status

Mike Tate

Regarding the word Spouse in the caption under the photo, that can be altered.

In your grandmother’s Property Box open the Media tab and Edit the Media photo.

In the unlabelled note box at the bottom, enter exactly the text you want in the caption.

e.g. Jane SMITH, 1900, age 50

Then tick the ‘Use Note as Caption’ option on the right.

You may also wish to make a similar change for your grandfather in case his photo appears in reports as a Spouse.


The word Spouse cannot be altered in FH v6.2.7 in the Individual Summary Report.

It might be possible in FH v7.0 by using its new Language Translation features.

The only option is to use Save Report As and edit the PDF or Word-processor version externally.


Mike Tate


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