Unmarried Status


My father's parents never married and I have set the marriage status as "Never Married".  Unfortunately when I print a 3 generation Descendants chart it puts the word spouse under the photo that I have linked and it displays on the right of the report.  Also when I run an individual summary report for me grandmother it shows her as being married to the father of my father, which he isn't.  It does not show on the report that they never married.  I don't want the words spouse appearing under the photo on the descendants chart and neither do I want the wording of the "Marriage" section to be called marriage in the individual summary report or the word spouse to appear against the father even though it does report their status as "Never married".

This is an image showing the section from the individual summary report

Inline image

Is there any way I can modify this?

I am using version 6.2.7 of Historian on a windows 8.1 laptop.

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