Re: Source Records

Mike Tate


Firstly, you did not confirm that all the other tabs listed as many records as you would have expected.

Have you checked that all your Media are OK?


As I said, it is not easy to delete Source records accidentally.

You would either have to delete each one by one and confirm the warning message;

OR copy them all to a Named List and use Delete Named List Records;

OR use Split Tree Helper and select the Delete all Source Records option.

Can you think of any way those Source records could have all been deleted?


So assuming you did not do any of those, I suspect what you have open is not your usual Project.

In the very top border of Family Historian does it say your Project name and – Family Historian Project – or does it say - Family Historian Gedcom - ?

If it says the latter, and you would have expected your Project then you have accidentally opened a GEDCOM file outside your Project.


If all the above is exactly how you would have expected, except for the missing Source records then try this:

Use File > Backup/Restore > Revert to Snapshot and review the Snapshot Taken list.

If that command is greyed out then you do not have a Project open.

If there is a recent Snapshot Taken just before the Source records disappeared, then select that and click Revert to Snapshot.

That will restore your GEDCOM file to its status on that chosen date.


You will then need to check that no Media are missing and generally review your Project.


The only other option is a Backup, so if the above methods fail, what Backups do you have?


Regards, Mike Tate



From: <> On Behalf Of Roy White
Sent: 25 April 2020 18:13
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Source Records


Thanks, Mike, for the response.  The Sources tab does exist and contains only one listing – one that I had created yesterday.  What now?


I am a TMG émigré – 2-3 yrs ago – and there were quite a lot of Records Sources that had survived the transfer process and, until now, was able to access them so as to not create so many duplicate.


Again, thanks for the response.




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