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Hello Mike

In answer to your queries

I do mean family Historian project folders 

Ther are no projects in the File.project window in either one drive or this PC

I do mean full back up when saying full save.

Regarding the backup copies prior to end July they were in my family historian project folder after that date they are in Documents under This PC as stand alone zip file FH Project Backup -Michael & Barbara family  -2021-09-22 1606 zip similarly when I have done a Gedcom Backup.

I have a Family Historian projects folder in One Drive > Documents and one in This PC > documents>family historian. They both are as far as I can see identical and contain my whole family historian project.

My path to FH in One drive is One Drive>documents>family historian Projects>Michael and Barbara family>Michael & Barbaras family.fh_proj

The path from This Pc is Documents>family Historian>family historian Projects>Michael& Barbara Family> Michael & Barbaras family.fh_proj


When opening family Historian there are no projects in the project window.


It appears to me that the only thing missing is the link to the shortcut and then putting in the path to back the project up to one drive.


I hope this makes the situation clearer

Many thanks







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Subject: Re: [family-historian] lost link


Michael, I am sorry you having problems.

If unsure about the FH folder structure it might have been best to stop and ask about the first problem rather than try and fix it which may have made matters worse.

To help us help you please be very specific when describing what you have done. Give precise folder and file names. State precisely what commands you use.


I’m not sure what you mean by the family historian file. Do you mean the Family Historian Projects folder?


Since a project consists of much more than a GEDCOM file, just copying one GEDCOM back won’t fix the problem.

Did that get any projects displayed in the File > Projects Window? I suspect not.

I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘full save’.


Assuming the backups you mention are FH Full Backups then they are not restored from a shortcut.

You must use the File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup command.


You say you know V7 has changed the backup, but I’m not aware of any such changes. What do you think they are?

Where did your FH Backups go before?


The FH file structure is not very complex.

See under Project Structure.


However, before doing anything let us take stock of where you are.


Does the Documents folder in OneDrive contain a Family Historian Projects folder?

i.e. the one you copied there in the first place.


When you open FH does the File > Projects Window list any projects?

What are they?


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