lost link


I have windows 365 and version 7 of family historian.

I was trying to copy my family historian file to one drive by dragging from the folder in my documents and dropping into the documents folder in one drive  

 However I seem to move rather than copy and then when trying to open using the shortcut on my desktop all the projects have gone.

I have copied the gedcom back into a family historian folder created by myself in my documents I opened this and then did a full save.


I have all the back ups on my machine should I just do a restore from the shortcut.

I also see that my recent backups as from end July  have gone to my documents. I know that V7 has changed the backup but is this where they should be.


I have used FH for a number of years but have never done anything with the file structure and do not understand it. So please simple instructions.




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