Re: Internet data matches - FMP login box inactive

Are you using the internal web-browser within FH6? If so, that is IE 11 and no longer works with FMP or many other sites, and you will have to modify your preferences to switch to using an external browser.


From: <> On Behalf Of Lesley Lambourne
Sent: 23 September 2021 16:56
Subject: [family-historian] Internet data matches - FMP login box inactive


I'm using v 6.2.7 and Edge browser. and Windows is all patched up to date (last updated on Tues)

Data matches are working, but when I come to Review, I am unable to see the record and it expects me to log into FMP. This I can't do -  or even get my cursor into the "Email" box to enter my credentials. It's displaying the message across the top saying I'm using unsupported IE 11, when I'm definitely using Edge. I can't click on the X to close that message box either
I have no problem with using FMP independently

Any thought on how can I fix it?


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