Re: Fact Type corrections

Mike Tate

Again, the Search and Replace plugin only operates on database items, not customization details such as Fact Set definitions.


The only case where Sentence templates could be affected by that plugin is if the Facts tab has a specific local Sentence template instead of using the global Tools > Fact Types… definitions. However, it is only worth using the plugin if there is a significant quantity of such cases.


So, either manually edit each specific local Sentence box template where that problem arises, or in Tools > Fact Types… edit each Fact definition where the Sentence Template suffers the problem. You will probably need to review each Sentence Template imported from TMG anyway because it is not a perfect process. However, you are planning to delete many of those imported TMG (project) Fact Set definitions, so that might cure some <CR> <br> problems anyway.


If you still need advice about using Search and Replace to correct specific local Sentence templates then please ask again.



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