Fact Type corrections

John Hanson

I have imported a database from TMG into FH7 and now have an issue in trying to amend some of the fact types


The import creates a sets if facts in a fact set called “TMG Project” and using “Fact types” within the Tools menu item shows a long list of facts including birth, baptism, etc


Now I am happy to change these to the standard fact with those name so should be able to use the Plugin “Change any fact tag”


However when I select the “Source Tag set” as TMG Project it does not show these


This is not the first TMG project that I have imported and use the previous one (much smaller) as a test bed to make sure all would work OK


How can I get round the issue?


John Hanson - researching the Halstead/Holstead/Alstead names
Researcher, the Halsted Trust - https://www.halsted.org.uk
Research website - https://www.halstedresearch.org.uk



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