Re: Translating charts

Mike Tate

I am learning about Language Packs as fast as you.


Changing the Date Format works in the default English version of Text Schemes but has no effect (except for Year) when a different Output Language is chosen.

The explanation is that the Date formatting is performed by the Language Pack Plugin and the default plugin ignores the Date Format qualifiers.

I will ask CP if that can be improved.


It is also the Language Pack Plugin that determines the translation of words such as ‘between’, ‘and’, ‘from’ & ‘to’ in Dates.


Use Tools > Language Packs… select Slovenian and click Plugin… to edit the plugin script where every << TODO marker appears.


sHusband = '(no name)';            -- << TODO       Replace (no name) with the Slovenian equivalent words.

sText = "between " .. GetDatePtText(date:GetDatePt1(), "", "") .. " and " .. GetDatePtText(date:GetDatePt2(), "", "");            -- << TODO       Replace "between " and " and " with the Slovenian equivalent words.


You can also force the format in this plugin.

Near line number 630 you will find: function GetDatePtText(datept, sPrefix1, sPrefix2)

That needs these subsequent two lines to be replaced at about line numbers 642 and 646:

sDay = iDay .. ' ';                                   becomes          sDay = iDay .. '.';

sMonth = g_months[iMonth] .. ' ';            becomes          sMonth = iMonth .. '.';


Be very careful not to change the layout of the script, especially the symbols, otherwise it won’t work.

As the Help advises, save a plain text copy of the plugin script file as a backup just in case.


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