Re: Translating charts

Mike Tate

Sorry, but I was wrong about how to set up Diagrams to have different male and female translations for Born.

You need to edit the Diagram Text Scheme that was initially created when the Language Pack was created.


Display any Diagram and open the Diagram > Options > Language tab to choose the Diagram Language: Slovenian (SLV)

Then open the Text tab, choose the Text Scheme and click Edit Language Variant… button.

Select the Birth item under Used Items and click the Edit button at the bottom.

In the Template replace the text "E_Rojen(a): _, _" with Sex(%INDI%,"E_Rojen: _, _","E_Rojena: _, _","E_Rojen: _, _") so the whole Template is:

=FactText(%INDI.BIRT%,"CT",Sex(%INDI%,"E_Rojen: _, _","E_Rojena: _, _","E_Rojen: _, _"))

Finally, click OK several times to see the effect of the change.


That uses the Sex() function to test the Individual (%INDI%) Sex field and for Male use "E_Rojen: _, _", for Female use "E_Rojena: _, _", otherwise use "E_Rojen: _, _"


I realise that is an advanced technique and perhaps should be documented in the FH Help pages.


It is in that Text Scheme for Slovenian that you should change the Date Format: to Abbrev(3) so that the format is used in Slovenian Diagrams.


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