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Personally I disagree with Mike's Point 1 below.  I appreciate that the marriage information is in the diagram but I also got confused sometimes with it not being in the "descendant's" box.

Therefore, I modified my custom text schemes to include the details of first marriage in every box for every person  (not just the spouse box). Again, I appreciate that for multiple marriages it does not always work too well but as the majority of individuals in my trees only married once I find that overall it works better for me (and my personal way of working).

I think it's been said before on this forum - if it works for you it's fine!!.


On 24/04/2020 20:18, Mike Tate wrote:

Hello Calista,

1. It is not advisable to change marriage dates appearing under
spouses only.
The reason becomes clearer if you think about multiple partners
and marriages.
Your immediate relative, whether male or female, is displayed with
each of their spouses alongside.
So it is much clearer if the marriage date is only in each spouse box.
2. As explained above it is only by chance that there appears to be a
gender bias, and I advise you don’t alter that.
3. To restore the defaults, I suggest you use the *Installation
Settings* buttons described below.
(If you have a great many customised settings then they can be
saved before restoring defaults, and I can explain how if you ask.)
In the *Diagram Window* with the *Diagram* displayed use *Diagram
> Options* command.
On the *General* tab click the *Installation Settings* button.
On the *Text* tab, click *Edit* and then the *Installation
Settings* button.
That should restore the original settings that you are likely to
have changed.

Regards, Mike Tate

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Hi there,

I've created a diagram with key information about each ancestor. The root of this tree is a female.

1. The marriage date is only appearing under the spouses names, which is fine but I'm not sure how I set this up or what I would do if I wanted to change it?
2. As a result, the marriage dates appear under all the females except the root female - how do I get it to appear under her name rather than her spouse?
3. While trying to solve this problem, the marriage date for the root person and her spouse has completely disappeared from the diagram and even if I enter the person again it doesn't reappear! How do I get this back? The marriage dates are still there for everyone else on the tree.

Any help would be gratefully received.


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