Re: New user of V7

Mike Tate

Presumably, you installed FH v7.0 over your existing FH v6.2.7 or some earlier FH version.


A ‘standalone’ GEDCOM file is, as it says in the message, not part of a Family Historian project.

Unfortunately, you did not include the top of the FH window that identifies the GEDCOM filename.


However, sometimes when installing new software such as a major upgrade to FH, your custom settings may get upset or reset to defaults.

That is why it is important to use the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings plugin before such upgrades.


Nevertheless, you say the Project Window lists your previous Project.

So right-click that Project and choose Set as Default Project, which is what you would have done years ago in the previous FH version.

It will then have a green tick showing it will open by default the next time you open FH.

Finally, click the Open Project button.


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