Additional info on shared people

Edward Sneithe

For a shared fact I include the following from the principals fact sentence to get basic information on the people sharing this fact. Is it possible to get additional information about the shared person from this point? I include the following in my sentence for the principal owner of the fact and this works fine:

<<br>       • Son: {role(single)=son}><<br>       • Sons: {role(plural)=son}>

In the FH GEDCOM file the share looks like this if the share points to a person in the file:

2 _SHAR @I2@
3 ROLE father
3 _SENT {individual} was father of {principal} < in the [date:YEAR] census>

and this if you just enter name for the shared person.

2 _SHAN Benny Goodman
3 ROLE administrator

In the first case FH must go to the specified individual to get the name. Does this make it at all possible to get additional information on the shared person like place, age, etc.?

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