Re: Number of people in file

Mike Tate

Are you misreading what FH is telling you?

On the bottom right-hand margin of the main window, FH reports the number of Individual records and Family records.

Also, the File > File Statistics… command reports the number of every type of record.

I suspect you are looking at the largest Record Id in the Records Window, but those Record Id may have gaps in the sequence.

See FHUG Knowledge Base


Mike Tate


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Sent: 14 September 2021 09:41
Subject: [family-historian] Number of people in file


I get lots of gedcom files sent to me but I have never experienced this before.
In FH there are 820 people in the file but when opening the gedcom in 4 other different programs they all say 785 people.
Can anybody suggest why this would be ?
Ron O'Neill

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