Re: Backup not working correctly

Robert Jordan

Does it say that FH has stopped working or that FH "is not responding" if it is the latter wait for a while.and it should complete. I have had that too and for some reason it takes longer that one expects

On Mon, 13 Sept 2021 at 08:10, Mark Glinister via <> wrote:

Good evening,

I have been having problems when backing up FH.  The progress bar goes so far then stops and a message appears saying that FH has stopped working.  The data that has been entered appears to be correct when I go into the program again. Could it be that the computer is a new one and that the data transfer from the old one is corrupted somehow, maybe multiple locations for media files?  I'm just clutching at straws now.  Any advice would be great.  Thank you.

Mark Glinister

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