Re: Formatting Narrative report

Mike Tate

You are correct, <br> or <para> are not allowed in the Note field (or any other field) as they are exclusively Sentence Template codes.


It is not too difficult to test for the existence of %CUR_PRIN.RealestateSell[1]% or %CUR_PRIN.RealestateSell[2]%, etc.

The difficulty is determining whether the Sentence Template is running in %CUR_PRIN.RealestateBuy[1]% or %CUR_PRIN.RealestateBuy[2]%, etc.

Then it needs to ensure the index number [1] or [2], etc, is the same for both RealestateBuy and RealestateSell.


Presumably, the facts have unique Dates, so I wonder if something like this works as an evolution of your Birth/Baptism strategy:

=TextIf( %FACT.DATE% == %CUR_PRIN.RealestateBuy[1].DATE% and Exists(%CUR_PRIN.RealestateSell[1]%), … , %FACT.DATE% == %CUR_PRIN.RealestateBuy[2].DATE% and Exists(%CUR_PRIN.RealestateSell[2]%), … , …


i.e. If the current Fact Date equals RealestateBuy 1st instance Date then this must be the RealestateBuy 1st instance and needs to check for 1st RealestateSell.

Otherwise, a similar check is needed for the 2nd instance, then the 3rd instance, and so on…


Mike Tate


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