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Edward Sneithe


Thanks for the response. I will look at my data and see if there are any patterns to what I want. You present several interesting ideas which may be made to work for my particular preferences. As I look at this is there a way to see if a preceding or subsequent fact is one I want to combine with? Like in a real estate fact test to see if a preceding fact is another real estate transaction or could I see if any preceding or subsequent fact corresponds to this one. If I can somehow determine that then I could apply the same process I used on the birth and baptism facts.

I have many real estate transactions and they would combine nicely if I can determine from a sentence which ones to combine. I have successfully combined birth and baptism facts and death and burial facts allowing for each one to be present alone or in combination.

Currently I seem to be able to separate facts by putting a carriage return in the note field of the preceding fact which works but is not very elegant or particularly friendly. does bot allow for <br> or <para> in the note field.

This may be an issue where there is no solution. FH does a great job but cannot possibly know how I want to construct a report.


RealestateBuy (1)
RealestateBuy (2)
RealestateSell (1)
RealestateSell (2)

In this scenario can I determine  in RealestateBuy (1) that there is a RealestateSell (1) and combine those two sentences. I thought about combining the data for RealestateBuy and RealestateSell into one fact but that kind of messes up my timeline of events. This is the fun and challenging part of genealogy.

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Thanks for coming back so quickly. I am trying to assemble a monograph about my uncle/godfather just now – it’s a nightmare as there are so many sources hence it’s taking priority.

I should have an old report from FH3 and should be able to copy and send it to you so you can see what I mean. Coming shortly with luck.

Michael Thomas


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Welcome Michael.

I’m not sure what you mean by traditional ‘dropdown’ appearance, but try any of the reports on the ‘Publish’ menu.

e.g. Individual Summary Report, Family Group Sheet, Outline Reports.


What you are seeing in Narrative Reports and any other Reports is just the default styles.

FH has many customisation options. See the FHUG Knowledge Base on Reports and Books:


Some users write Notes in their own words and adapt the Narrative Report to simply combine those Notes into a biography.


Mike Tate


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