Re: Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin

Adrian Bruce

Thanks Christer. Your outlined path seems sensible.

For information of those of us with only British experience, my
impression is that "Farm" in Scandinavian family history means rather
more than "farm" does in English family history (say). (And anyone who
can correct me is very welcome to!)

I've only had one Scandinavian family to deal with - and since they
were just in-laws of distant cousins I've not done more than 1
generation of them, and they were, in any case, urban Danes. However,
I have seen and *tried* to understand discussions elsewhere about
Scandinavian Farms. One reason for their importance is that they were
one of the contributors to the eventual fixed Scandinavian family
names. Also, they seem to have been much more fixed and controlled
than English farm names, which may easily change over the years. FYI mentions some of the processes
such as land registers that documented farms and their names.

All this being so, I can see why Scandinavian family historians want
to record Farm names as part of the Place data in FH.

If there is an equivalent in British practice, it might be the Scots
ferm-toun, which appears to end up on Ordnance Survey maps as
place-names. Though I'm unclear about exactly how ferm-touns operated!


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