Re: Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin

Mike Tate

Thank you, that is much clearer.

It seems you have chosen to include Address details (farms, villages, parishes) in the Place field, many of which are old Scandinavian names.

That explains why geocoding is failing and why you have so many Place records to adjust, with several groups needing the same name changes.

I now understand your problem, but the solution is not simple.


Currently, the Search and Replace plugin cannot operate on just the Standardized field. Sorry!

It operates on both Place and Standardized together, or on just the Place name field.

So as well as a plugin to copy selected Place names to Standardized, the Search and Replace plugin needs updating to operate on just Standardized.


It may be a few days or weeks before I can find time to work on those plugins.

So if you are happy to wait, then that is your solution.

Alternatively, you could try to write your own plugin to copy selected record Place names to Standardized and publish it for others to use.


Mike Tate


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