Re: Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin


Problem I have is a large number of farms and villages in parishes with different names throughout history. There have also been changes in names of parish and when I geocode them about 50% are not geocoded and about 50 of the geocoded places get wrong lat/long.
As I am research is a lot in Finland where you have different spelling in Swedish and Finnish and locations have belonged to 3 different countries 
(Sweden/Russia/Finland) there is a lot of problems with spellng of places (and person names).
So I want to add a standard name that can be geocoded for groups of locations while retaining the original place name.
At base level I want to copy all information in place names field to standardized name field in bulk and then do search and replace (using the existing plugin) on standardized place name and replace with the modern place name and get it geocoded.
A more advanced solution would be to search and select a group of place name records and add a standardized name for those records. Then I can see which place names records I have worked with and created a standardized plane name for..
Hope I made myself clear.

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