Re: Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin

Adrian Bruce

On Fri, 10 Sept 2021 at 13:37, <> wrote:
Thanks, as I have thousands of place records that need standardized names
Christer - I'm slightly worried about what you're asking for, as
there's a trap that some people fall into with respect to Standardized

The basic point is that you do *not* normally need to have a
Standardized name for a Place Record. The mapping facilities will
normally work perfectly well if a Place Record has the Place name
entered but it has an empty Standardized name.

The Standardized name is only there to provide a way forward if the
mapping facility *can't* find the correct latitude and longitude,
either because the Place name on the Place record has disappeared from
the map altogether, or because it's changed sufficiently to make the
mapping facility choose the wrong version of that place name. If that
happens, then the way forward is to enter the *current* place name in
the Standardized name.

It may be that you already understand all this, in which case I
apologize because I'm presumably missing the point.

It would make sense if you could, as Mike asks, explain the problem
that you have, then maybe we can work out a way forward.

I'd just add that, even if things like counties (or their equivalents)
have changed over the years, the mapping facilities can often find
stuff just on the basis of the most detailed name only - you do need
to check each place but I would say that you need to check anyway, as
sometimes the mapping facilities go wrong even with the "correct"
modern name.


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