Re: Formatting Narrative report

Mike Tate

What criteria determine whether you want the <br> or <para> included or excluded.

If it is something that can be tested it might be possible to make them conditional.


<<br> {=GetParagraph(%FACT.NOTE2%,3)}>

will include <br> if the Note has a 3rd paragraph.


<<br> {=GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"Newline")}>

will include <br> if the Note has a paragraph starting with “Newline” and followed by a tab character.






<<br>{=ExistsText(%FACT.NOTE2%," ")}>

will include <br> if the Fact has a Note or whatever data ref ExistsText is checking.


Another option is to use {%FACT.NOTE2[2]%} and on the All tab add a 2nd Note to the Fact that contains a blank line.


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