Formatting Narrative report

Edward Sneithe

I am working on getting a better more readable format to my narrative reports. I have done some modification of the sentences for both standard facts and my custom facts. The one thing that eludes me is how to provide paragraph or line spacing on an individual fact.

On one fact I may want to separate it from the previous fact and later that same fact type I want to merge with the previous fact. If I use the <para> or <br> in the sentence definition then all of those fact occurrences are treated the same.

I can modify each fact sentence to accommodate but that disconnects that fact from the global fact so any change to the basic fact is not incorporated.

I have thought about creating a new fact called PARGRAPH and LINE BREAKĀ  and then insert that fact wherever I want a break but that will make my property box fact list messy.

Has anyone found a solution to this that is not worse than the problem?

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