Re: Removing unused places in split tree helper

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Sent: 30 August 2021 15:54
Subject: [family-historian] Removing unused places in split tree helper



I've just extracted one small Pool of people from a larger project file using Split Tree Helper and removing anyone with a different Pool number (using a custom query).  The process works fine and I have just the individuals and families left that I want.  However, the process does not seem to remove Places no longer used so I have almost 800 places with no links to them (only 4 are now used in my shorter file).

I appreciate I could have deleted the unused Places one-by-one but that would have taken ages with so many unused places.  I got round it by editing the Gedcom file in a text editor and then FH re-added the ones left but it seems a long-winded (and risky) way of doing things.

Split Tree Helper has options to remove Notes, Multimedia, Sources and Repository records with no links to them but does not seem to allow the removal of Places without links.

Can you advise the best way to purge unused place records please.

Many thanks

Note: I am using FH Ver 6.2.7

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