Re: Incremental Record IDs

Thanks, Adrian. FH never has and I hope never will reuse an ID number, wherever it sits in the sequence of ID numbers. If someone is happy to mess around with the contents of your Gedcom (as Mike T has suggested) good luck to them, but for most people it wouldn’t be desirable or necessary.


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On Mon, 30 Aug 2021 at 15:12, Brian Horridge via <> wrote:

... FH should have used 1620 again not the 1627 it did use. ...


I beg to disagree. FH has no knowledge of what you might have done in the space between creating and deleting those ids. A user might, for instance, have run a query exporting individual ids while the short-term records were still in existence. If the exported data is then used as an audit trail, then re-use of the same id for two records is a confusing and therefore seriously bad idea. For reasons like that, best practice would advise that ids are never reused.


Now, if you know that you didn't do anything of the sort and are happy to take the risk of editing a GEDCOM file, then fair enough - but CP should be taking a safe view and not reusing anything.





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