Re: Incremental Record IDs

FH has never reused record numbers.


If you want to renumber everything, use Tools> Record Identifiers > Generate New Records IDs starting from 1.


However, if the record number are important to you (perhaps because you’ve used them in a filing scheme or on a website that you can’t easily regenerate with the new numbers) this will not be what you want.


Most people seem to leave the numbers untouched (i.e. allow FH to allocate them) and live with any gaps.



From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Horridge via
Sent: 30 August 2021 14:41
Subject: [family-historian] Incremental Record IDs


Can someone help please.

By mistake, I added some people into a wrong project which, once realised, I then deleted the relevant individuals, families, places and any other fact about these people that I could find.

However, when I next went to add someone to the same project, I noticed that the next Record ID allocated was the one after the people I had just deleted which then left a gap in the Record ID numbering.  I'm sure I've done this in the past and FH has then re-used the first deleted ID (I envisioned FH learnt the "next number" when loading the Gedcom file).

I've tried re-starting my project several times (having "saved" it without the unwanted entries) and every time the same thing happens.

I'm assuming there is something somewhere related to the project / Gedcom which records the last number used but I cannot find where / how to reset this.

I am using FH Ver 6.2.7

Many thanks


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