Incremental Record IDs

Brian Horridge

Can someone help please.

By mistake, I added some people into a wrong project which, once realised, I then deleted the relevant individuals, families, places and any other fact about these people that I could find.

However, when I next went to add someone to the same project, I noticed that the next Record ID allocated was the one after the people I had just deleted which then left a gap in the Record ID numbering.  I'm sure I've done this in the past and FH has then re-used the first deleted ID (I envisioned FH learnt the "next number" when loading the Gedcom file).

I've tried re-starting my project several times (having "saved" it without the unwanted entries) and every time the same thing happens.

I'm assuming there is something somewhere related to the project / Gedcom which records the last number used but I cannot find where / how to reset this.

I am using FH Ver 6.2.7

Many thanks


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