Re: Family Historian

Victor Markham

I tend to copy my FH gedcom file to Family Tree Maker. FH describes many name as not directly related FTM does give a description like '3rd great grandmother of wife of Victor Markham' at least that provides a link. Whilst I am not directly related my children are. Other descriptions are ' cousin of cousin of wife of brother'

This is the only reason I have FTM I always work on FH as my default tree


On 25/08/2021 5:18 pm, Yasmin Gibbins wrote:
Thank you to everyone for your help and advice. The problem is I have managed to import a GEDCOM sent to me and whilst some of the people on it are related to me there are a lot that have no information apart from names and I am not sure that they are even linked and if they are it is so far removed and back that I am getting completely confused. I did think about just going through and deleting everyone accept the the person that links to my tree. But it seems like a lot of work. I have tried creating a query to do it, I have looked at the charts but cant see the one I want.
It was a stupid mistake to make as I have always tried to make sure that I note all my sources and evidence. I am planning to visit a record office and was trying to sort out the information I am missing based on my previous research there before lock down.

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