Re: misiing census record flag in diagrams

Robert Jordan

Dear Trevor
With respect I have to disagree with you.

Firstly, the data stored on the cloud is as easy to hack into as anything else so it would not be wise to store any personal or sensitive data in the cloud.
Secondly, I have over 500 GByte of data which would cost in the region of £120 per year to obtain cloud storage. That is enough to buy two 1 Terabyte hard drive devices per year if anything should go wrong with them.
Thirdly,  the internet is often going down in which case you lose access to your data, whereas I will always have it under control.
Fourthly If anything should happen to me unexpectedly, then other people may experience not only difficulties in accessing the data but also additional costs in downloading it or transferring it.
Fifthly as far as disaster protection is concerned, one of my hard drive devices is kept off my premises so that in a disaster and the house was completely destroyed .I would still have access to my data.

I would think very carefully about using cloud storage. I would recommend that you have at least one external hard drive device, they only cost about £60, to give you peace of mind.



On Mon, 23 Aug 2021 at 10:51, Trevor Rix <trevor@...> wrote:
Robert, with respect, your backup regime does not appear to include building disaster protection. These days additional backups in the cloud are essential.

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