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Victor Markham

Yasmin under no circumstances would I ever split my tree. All names I have are connected whether direct or not there is a connection.
If you want to split your tree keep it as a separate tree which FH allows you to but still keep your main tree.


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Good Morning


My Grandfather was one of 13 children over the years I have collected information on their marriages, their children, and their children’s marriages etc. My file is now becoming a pain as I am having trouble finding what information is outstanding.


I would like to split my tree to just show my grandfather his siblings and their partners. Not their children and children’s children.


I am using Family Historian 5 and looking to upgrade to Version 7, can anybody tell me if there is a way of doing this in either version. I have managed to work out how to spilt the tree to show just my direct ancestors but I want to show a limited amount regarding their families.


I am getting bogged down in not knowing what information I have and what information I need to find.


Most of my ancestors appear to have had large families on both sides and I have to admit I got carried away when I started my research and kept going off sideways and on tangents. Now I reap the benefits in as much as it is becoming unmanageable. My other option is to start a new file and begin putting in the information all over again not an option I want to take.


I hope this makes sense. I would be grateful for any advice or ideas anyone can give me.


Best Wishes

Yasmin Gibbins

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