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Nicola Byrnes

Not sure if it’s what you’re after but I copied a section of my main tree and created a new project with it via Gedcom. That way I could concentrate on those particular lines whilst still having it as part of the main tree. The only issue is that you’d need to update the main tree every time you add info to the ’new’ one, which could be a faff.


On 22 Aug 2021, at 12:05, Yasmin Gibbins <yasmin.gibbins@...> wrote:

Good Morning
My Grandfather was one of 13 children over the years I have collected information on their marriages, their children, and their children’s marriages etc. My file is now becoming a pain as I am having trouble finding what information is outstanding.
I would like to split my tree to just show my grandfather his siblings and their partners. Not their children and children’s children.
I am using Family Historian 5 and looking to upgrade to Version 7, can anybody tell me if there is a way of doing this in either version. I have managed to work out how to spilt the tree to show just my direct ancestors but I want to show a limited amount regarding their families.
I am getting bogged down in not knowing what information I have and what information I need to find.
Most of my ancestors appear to have had large families on both sides and I have to admit I got carried away when I started my research and kept going off sideways and on tangents. Now I reap the benefits in as much as it is becoming unmanageable. My other option is to start a new file and begin putting in the information all over again not an option I want to take.
I hope this makes sense. I would be grateful for any advice or ideas anyone can give me.
Best Wishes
Yasmin Gibbins

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