Mapping errors / place name editing with search and replace plugin

Teresa Goatham

I recently imported a GEDCOM from Legacy to FH and am just getting used to it. My GEDCOM was one covering most of the USA Gothams (part of a One-Name Study). I didn't have any places geocoded in Legacy. After watching the short FH mapping video I realised how useful it would be to geocode them.

The auto geocoding seemed at first to work fine. That is, till I started checking the places. Not a few but most were wrongly geocoded. According to the FH help this should only happen with historic places or places with errors. I am sure I have both but mostly my places are correct / current, it was just bad geocoding.

One problem I can see is that I have abbreviated 'County' to 'Co.'. And the geocoding software it is obsessed with Colorado (where few if any Gothams have ever lived).

So it prefers to think 'Jefferson Co., New York, USA ' means 'Jefferson County, Colorado, United States of America' rather than 'Jefferson County, New York, United States of America'!

e.g if I put one mis-located place, 'Madison Barracks, Jefferson Co., New York, USA' in the location field it offers just

Madison Ave., New York, NY, United States of America OR
Jefferson County, Colorado, United States of America

BUT if I change Co. to County (i.e. 'Madison Barracks, Jefferson County, New York, USA') it offers before the above 2:
Madison Barracks Street, Fort Drum, NY 13603, New York, United States of America
- which I think is the location I want!

This morning I changed a small number of places inĀ  'St. Lawrence Co.' to 'Saint Lawrence County' ('St.' for 'Saint' completely threw the geocoding!), refreshed the geocoding and the results improved dramatically.

Now I would like to change all the 'Co.,'s to 'County,'. I have tried doing this using the 'search and replace' plugin but it didn't work. I must be doing something wrong but I can't work out what? (image attached)

Also, it has occurred to me it might be better to change Co. to County in standardized place names. (Not a big issue, but I am trying to stop place names becoming too long.) If I'd have to populate the standardized place name fields manually it's not worth it, but could I fill all standardized fields from the the place names as I currently have them? (I have not yet entered any standardized names so no danger of overwriting). And if I can do this, is there then any way of using search and replace to ONLY update the standardized places?

Many thanks in anticipation,

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