Re: Report shows differently to fact page

Miriam Smith

Thank you to all for your suggestions.  The reason I put the date in a different place is because I get sick of it being at the beginning ALL the time - especially if the sentence is short, with more short ones following.  Some of my 'notes' are quite long and detailed and I haven't had any problems previously with what order the sentence pieces were in.  I played around with my John Williams and put the date in various spots as you can see from the attachment.  I screen dumped relevant info to demonstrate what structure the sentence was and what it looked like on FH and the report.  I am unable to 'copy' as when you click in the structure part, it only copies the structure, not the sentence it makes, and some of the sentences don't all fit into the little space.  I note that every sentence is dodgy - BUT I also noticed that I have "financial" sentences.  When I put a note in a marriage sentence, it all works.
I did some further work on John Williams and realised that a "financial" fact was something that had come over from TMG.  So I created an identical "misc" fact but it still had the same errors.  I then used your %FACT.NOTE2%, Mike, but it just added another sentence using the "note" only.  (I haven't screen dumped that though)
I admit I used my "financial" and "legal" facts a lot in TMG and they have all come over, but I hadn't noticed previously that these sentences were 'up the creek' so to speak.

However, I have made an amazing discovery - I noticed that on another person I had a very big note (a transcription of his will actually) and it was in the report but the {note} was not in the sentence structure.  So I went back to John Williams and removed the {note} from one of the sentence structures and the note printed in the report.  But it didn't show it in the sentence where the structure is.  Previously I have always had to have the {note} in the sentence structure otherwise it didn't show, or print.

I will raise an issue with Calico Pie but I think it will not be as straightforward as I originally thought as I always check what my sentence "says" before moving on, so that I believe it will be correct when printed.

It still leaves me with what to do in the meantime, as whatever needs doing will be a huge job.  But again, thank you all and Mike - I probably wouldn't have picked up the previous thread as even when I read it I wouldn't have remembered it when I had my issue.

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