Re: Reference a section of place

David F

Is the basic problem that geocoding "puts a pin in a map"?

Places are areas, whilst addresses are much closer to points.

If you want to check who lived in a house through a period of time, or who were close neighbours, you probably want point-mapping (which either has to be "full-address" based or manually adjusted). If you are trying to show general migration (say from "Ireland" to "USA" or even "Cork" to "New York State") you probably want area-mapping.

Reducing an area to a point can be misleading; USA gets reduced to a point somewhere in Kansas, Australia gets reduced to somewhere close to Alice Springs.

Trouble is area-mapping requires definition of numerous points on sometimes complex boundaries - unless the system can piggy back on another existing mapping system that already understands areas. Even then, genealogists will want to define places like "Yorkshire, West Riding" which modern mapping systems no longer recognise!


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