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Victor Markham

Of course it is the West (East or North) Riding of Yorkshire but for address purposes on FH West, East or North simplifies things.

Writing letters in those far off days people simply wrote East, North or West and that is sufficient clarity


On 16/08/2021 6:34 pm, Andrew Braid wrote:

Sheffield has never been in West Yorkshire. It was in the West Riding of Yorkshire until reorganisation.

Yorkshire is challenging from a geographic standpoint. Formerly three ridings and an Ainsty and now North, East, West and South plus Humberside and Teesside. And it's all about to change again

Like you I always use the old names.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2021, 18:13 Victor Markham via <> wrote:

When I enter a place name in England I always give the place name it's full name.

When it copmes to county names I always stick to the ancien boundary names. What we see today are known as administration boundary.

As an example let's say Sheffield. If someone lived thewre in the 1960's or earlier they would be in West Yorkshire. When the boundary changed Sheffield became South Yorkshire, which is an admin boudary. I wouldn't bother to change thinghs from West to South. This sort of thing has happened all over the country so I stick to the old names. The boundaries are going through another change so it would mean one has to change things again if they do that.

This is how I do place names

anytown, anycounty, England (in one row)

Followed by any street in the second row

Both rows are separate on FH so it is easy to add the two addresses

I would put the full name of the place like Kingston Upon Hull not just Hull

When it comes to Yorkshire I would add East, North or West to Yorkshire. There are similar place names in say East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire (Scalby fr example) so one needs to know which is the right place


On 16/08/2021 5:57 pm, Edward Sneithe via wrote:

I was thinking that if we use  place field like Address, City, County, State, Country that we re dependent on properly placed commas for missing data. I know you can't speak for FH but it would seem nice that when we are entering a place that we could get a formatted scree for all the possibilities for place and then FH would properly format the place field with comma for missing data.

Just a thought. It would make entering and extracting individual pieces more reliable

On Monday, August 16, 2021, 12:46:03 PM EDT, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

Yes, the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Working with Places and Addresses’ explains similar options:


Family Historian allows some deviation from the GEDCOM specification, as do most products.

IMO the omission of Address from geocoding was a mistake.


I advise that you format your Place and Address data to suit your use of FH rather than adhere to the GEDCOM specification too closely.


Mike Tate



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