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Adrian Bruce

I have a feeling that v7 altered the production of the narrative sentences slightly, because I had an issue with the number of embedded spaces that CP Support said was because I was trying to control the spaces and FH was also trying to control the spaces. Not your issue but suggesting a change did take place and that there is something that happens in the report, that doesn't happen when displaying sentences in the Fact tab  

In your case, I would speculate that FH is automatically adding a full stop to the end of the text from the {note} when producing the report. That then generates the capital letter following and also loses a space. (I think!)

But unfortunately what I can't figure off the top of my head is how to alter that simply. I don't want to sound awkward but I think that's a rather unusual sentence construction in that you seem to have the verb and all the interesting stuff in the note. Probably CP never thought of how that might pan out. 

Sorry - I thought that this might have been close to my issue, but I don't think that it is.

On Mon, Aug 16, 2021, 00:29 Miriam Smith <mims010122@...> wrote:

Hello everyone


Since the upgrade to V7, I’m now preparing a report for my niece and some of the sentences are not coming out the same as previous reports.  I cannot work it out, and as it is happening to heaps of sentences, I’m hoping someone can put me in the right direction.


This is an example of the sentence: {individual} {note} {date} {place} {age}


This is what it looks like in the Fact page: He leased lands owned by Bridge Trust which bounded property of Sarah Sanders on 1 November 1834 in Northam, Devon.  (exactly what I want it to say.)


This is what it looks like in the Ancestors report: He leased lands owned by Bridge Trust which bounded property of Sarah Sanders.On 1 November 1834 in Northam.


Because of the date being later in the sentence, it has seemed to throw the whole lot into chaos and I have a lot like that which I have amended to read better in the context of the paragraph.  It hasn’t come like this previously and this is a report which I have often done.  Help appreciated as I don’t always want the date first.


Thank you, Miriam Smith

South Australia


Life is better by the lake !


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